What is a Party? Views 1608 Date 2014.05.29

Simply put, in the CBD context, a Party is a national government that has signed onto the Convention. There are 193 such signatories, as well as the European Union which, in additional to its constituent countries, has a distinct voice in the Convention. That total of 194 covers almost all of the countries of the world, with the exception of the USA, Holy See and Andorra. Even these three have national focal points and participate in major CBD meetings like the COP. The most recent Party to the CBD, on

February 17th 2014, was South Sudan, which brought the CBD’s total to one more than that of Parties to the United Nations as a whole. “Parties” is also used in the context of the UN in general and of other multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs), so be aware of the context to know exactly to which Parties are being referred.

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