Biodiversity Summit for Cities & Subnational Governments 2014


For the first time program will bring together high-level and keynote speakers from all levels of governments: national, subnational and local governments, including the Gangwon Provincial Government, Korean National Government, and prominent Mayors from around the world. In addition, the highest level representatives from leading international biodiversity and sustainable development organisations will participate in this exciting and cutting-edge programme.

Sessions will focus on

  • - The role of local and subnational governments in the SDGs, and how biodiversity will feature under this new agenda;
  • - Urban biodiversity and ecosystem service research, and bridging the science-policy gap, including a focus on the Urban Biodiversity and Design Network (URBIO) and their global research agenda;
  • - Planning and designing green cities, aligning with national planning processes, and contributing to the Strategic Plan of the CBD;
  • - Engaging people in implementing the CBD through awareness-raising, ecotourism and livelihood discussions;
  • - Transforming the economy, and integrating sustainable natural resource use, as well as exploring green financial mechanisms, with a thought to disaster risk reduction;
  • - Mayoral discussion on the urban nexus, and how to integrate biodiversity within decision-making structures; and
  • - Refining and adopting the Gangwon/Pyeongchang Resolution through participative discussion and engagement.

The draft program is available here, please note that it is constantly being updated and refined.

Sunday, October 12th
Site visit – hosted by Gangwon Province


Monday, October 13th
Session Contents
1. Opening 
Passing of the torch from Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh to Pyeongchang and Gangwon
Purpose and outline of the Summit
Introduction of a Summit Declaration and its presentation to the High-Level Segment
The importance of Subnational Implementation in the context of CBD COP 12
2. Subnational & Local Governments for Sustainable Development - The context in which we work
Overview: Biodiversity and cities in the SDGs and how this relates to the work of the Global Partnership on Local and Subnational Action for Biodiversity
Supporting implementation: Advisory Committees of Cities and of Subnational Governments to the Global Partnership review progress in supporting the Parties, with case studies
3. Research – Understanding what we are working with
Report: Meeting of scientists at the 2014 Urban Biodiversity and Design (URBIO) Conference, held in Korea
Presentation: Research agenda for the consideration of national governments
Panel discussion: Urban biodiversity research: a discussion of its significance and status
4. Biodiversity Planning – Designing a greener future
Panel discussion: Ways in which levels of government are working together to translate the Strategic Plan of the CBD into plans at the local and subnational level
Presentation and overview: Gangwon Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
5. Gangwon/Pyeongchang Resolution
Gangwon/Pyeongchang Resolution – discussion with audience and partners
Dinner event
Hosted by Gangwon Province


Tuesday, October 14th
Session Contents
6. Implementation – People and conservation
(9:00 – 10:15)
Panel discussion: Gaining public and political support; ecosystem restoration; ecotourism
Tea (10:15-10:30)
7. The Green Creative Economy – Reconciling the Parallel Systems Of Which We’re Part
Panel discussion:
a) Integrating economy and ecology: how do we prevent priorities from conflicting
b) Financial Mechanisms for Benefiting Biodiversity: Green procurement, Green/ecological infrastructure; Investments and rewards for ES
Lunch (12:00-13:00)
8. The Urban Nexus – Integrating biodiversity into governance
Mayors/Governors’ Round-table: Overcoming the silo approach, how to mainstream and integrate biodiversity
9. Closing
Overview of the final Gangwon/Pyeongchang Resolution and next steps
Closing of Conference